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Welcome to Bekonscot - the World’s oldest model village.

We’re now open every day until the winter - 10am to 5pm.

With 1.5 acres of miniature marvels, exciting railways, model towns, landscapes and intriguing secret corners to discover, we’re a big family day out. We’re in Beaconsfield, Bucks - just up the M40 from London.

Over the years we've made quite a few films of the model village. Well, we would, wouldn't we? Lots of people have made their own films too. Below are our favourites, but you'll find even more in History.

Bekonscot is the perfect fun eductional trip; more than 100 schools visit us annually and most of them repeat visits. The model village is a unique and stimulating teaching aid for nursery, infant and junior children with wide application to the curriculum.

So that it's fun for you too, we have lesson plans, activity sheets and online resources all ready for you to use.

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Train rides

Check the timetable for full running times.

Map & Directions

Maps and directions by car, train and bus from Bucks, London and beyond.

History Gallery

Bekonscot is 82 years old in 2011 – see spiffing archive videos and photos of the changes since 1929.

Village Tour

Explore our six super miniature towns, lakes, railways, castles and more.

Virtual Village

Build your own model town in the world-famous Virtual Village simulation game!

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